Project Secret Identity Project Secret Identity


From George Orwell's Big Brother to J.K. Rowling's Ministry of Magic, science fiction, fantasy, and other genre fiction have long explored and criticized the intrusion of government on our private lives.

Today, many of those fictions have become reality, whether it's NSA mass surveillance, local police use of spy technology, or big data brokers scraping personal information from social media networks. Today’s threats to our privacy also include proposed backdoors into our devise, forcing us to fight to defend our right to encryption.

Project Secret Identity underlines the belief that we must protect and advocate for ourselves in order to shape the future.

Please join EFF, Access Now, Gizmodo, Southeastern Browncoats, and the Harry Potter Alliance for a cosplay activism campaign during Dragon Con (Sept. 4 – 7) in Atlanta, Georgia. Just stop by our photo station at the Hilton (2nd floor).

You don't need to be at Dragon Con to participate: just upload your photos here.

Suggested signs:

I Have a Right to a Secret Identity

Privacy is Not a Fantasy

Internet Freedom Fighter

I Foiled Your Face Recognition Algorithm

Mass Surveillance is Mad Supervillainous

Secure Backdoors are Bad Science Fiction

Feel free to craft your own fandom-specific slogan, such as "Wizards Against Mass Surveillance" or "Burn the land, boil the sea, you can't take my privacy."

Share your photos over social networks and take a few minutes to speak out for Internet freedom through EFF's action center.

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